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Freedom Truck Finance has partnered with National Truck Protection as our go-to warranty administrator to ensure that our customers have peace of mind when it comes to their commercial vehicle investment. NTP strives to be the best warranty provider by putting their customers first and giving owner-operators the freedom they deserve. Freedom Truck Finance is not adding any new Freedom Shield Warranties.

If you have an NTP warranty, and would like more information regarding a claim please call:

Call our Support hotline at 1-800-950-3377

If you have a FreedomShield warranty, and would like more information regarding a claim please call:

The support hotline: 800-857-2888 ext. 820 OR email

Coverage + Benefits


Includes: Bearings, Internal Gears, Outer Case, Races, Shafts, Synchronizers, and more..


For engine and after-treatment covered components and between engine and after-treatment components. No progressive damage on water pump.


47 Vital Engine Components. Includes: ECM, Fuel Injections, Turbocharger(s), and Water Pump


42 Components includes: BPV, DOC, ECU, EGR, DPF, DEF, SENSORS, SCR, & Wiring Harness, and more…

12 months/100k miles | 24 months/200k miles

Coverage + Benefits

Class 6-8 Trucks

24/7 Bilingual Telephone Support

Easy Claims Handling (No Paperwork)

Priority Repair Service

OEM Parts + Service

41 Engine Components:

36 Internally Lubricated Parts, plus 5 Power-PAC Components

42 After-Treatment Components:

See coverage summary for complete details and components list

27 Transmission + Rear Components:

Coverage on components that are most vulnerable to failure

12 months/120k miles | 24 months/240k miles