Common Sense

Common Sense means balancing guidelines with individual merit to look for a solution that places everyone involved in a position to succeed (The customer, the dealer, and our program).


Perhaps the clearest indicator of a customer’s commitment to a successful agreement is evident in the amount of cash that they invest as a down payment. We believe that committed customers will be successful customers and require a minimum of 20% down.


Once we have found the merit in each customer and received their commitment, the next key to success for everyone involved is to ensure that we associate them with the proper piece of collateral. Using industry standards and our own collection of historical data, we believe that we can enhance success by aligning the customer with the correct collateral.


A final level of commitment, or investment, that strengthens the merit of an agreement is to have the commitment of a co-signer. This arrangement typically represents a stronger commitment (desire for success), and increases the merit of the arrangement.